FISH about Metaphors – Faces of Rock

When I started planning my „Metaphors – Faces of Rock“- project I asked Fish, if he could send me one or two sentences about the project or working with me or whatever would come to his mind. He kindly replied and it’s definitely more than two sentences!

I normally avoid requests from photographers for shoots, especially on gig days. They are mostly an unwanted intrusion and I’ve always disliked posing and „being arranged“. The hook for me was Kai’s portfolio which interested me enough to meet up and have a discussion with an option to walk if I felt uncomfortable. What happened was exactly the opposite and I was put very much at ease by the empathy he showed and his passion for the lens and the image. The first shoot we did was effortless and he managed to conjure up some great pictures in such a short space of time, putting me under no pressure whatsoever and creating a really enjoyable and interesting session. I felt relaxed enough to allow him full access to my live shows where he again captured some magical moments and which I’ll be featuring in my forthcoming live recording projects from the ‚Moveable Feast‘ tour and the recent ‚Farewell to Childhood‘ shows. He’s one of the finest and most talented photographers I’ve worked with over the years and someone I have built up a relationship with which will continue into my next and last studio album ‚Weltschmerz‘. Kai is a sincere pleasure to work with and someone who’s work deserves to be appreciated in a far bigger frame.“

– Derek Dick (Fish)


Jean Michel Jarre

Es ist immer etwas besonderes, einen wegweisenden Künstler und Musiker wie Jean Michel Jarre kennen zu lernen und zu portraitieren. Ich hatte diesen Herbst das Vergnügen, ihn vor seinem Konzert in Frankfurt zu treffen und ein paar Worte mit ihm zu wechseln. Die entstandenen Portraits und Live-Aufnahmen werden auch bald in meinem Musikfotografie-Projekt „Metaphors – Faces of Rock“ zu sehen sein.

Anke Kleinschmit for FOCUS

Für die aktuelle Ausgabe des FOCUS Magazins portraitierte ich Anke Kleinschmit, die Leiterin für Konzernforschung und Nachhaltigkeit, sowie Umweltbevollmächtigte der Daimler AG.

Wir strotzten den kalten Temperaturen am Tag des Shootings und setzten uns in das selbstfahrende Forschungsfahrzeug Mercedes F 015 – ein echtes Technik-Highlight. Es entstanden offene Portraits einer starken, sympathischen Frau, deren beruflicher Erfolg aktuell im FOCUS beleuchtet wird.

A. Sinnack for Friends of Bentley magazine

Für das Friends of Bentley Magazin ging es an die holländische Grenze. Inmitten von Zuchtpferden, Hunden und einem wunderschönen Gestüt durften wir einen sehr charmanten Shootingtag verbringen.

For Friends of Bentley magazine we drove up to the dutch border. Surrounded by breeding horses, dogs and a beautiful stud we had a very charming shooting day.