I am a photographer based in the south of Germany. Fields of expertise are corporate portraiture, image series/advertising campaigns, celebrity/music photography and reportage.

Loving to travel, I am very lucky that my photography gives me the opportunity to see the world and meet wonderful people.

More will follow soon. For now, please see below what others shared about working with me.




Steve Hackett Portrait

„I have always been impressed by Kai Joachim’s photography.“

„I really think truly they are some of the best pictures I have ever seen on rock musicians. It’s fine art, it’s more than mere photographs. It’s really extraordinary.“  Steve Hackett

„I normally avoid requests from photographers for shoots, especially on gig days. They are mostly an unwanted intrusion and I’ve always disliked posing and „being arranged“. The hook for me was Kai’s portfolio which interested me enough to meet up and have a discussion with an option to walk if I felt uncomfortable. What happened was exactly the opposite and I was put very much at ease by the empathy he showed and his passion for the lens and the image. The first shoot we did was effortless and he managed to conjure up some great pictures in such a short space of time, putting me under no pressure whatsoever and creating a really enjoyable and interesting session. I felt relaxed enough to allow him full access to my live shows where he again captured some magical moments and which I’ll be featuring in my forthcoming live recording projects from the ‚Moveable Feast‘ tour and the recent ‚Farewell to Childhood‘ shows. He’s one of the finest and most talented photographers I’ve worked with over the years and someone I have built up a relationship with which will continue into my next and last studio album ‚Weltschmerz‘.“

– Derek Dick (Fish)


„Seit Jahren arbeitet er als freischaffender Fotograf mit den Schwerpunkten Porträt, Werbung und Dokumentation. Dabei bleibt er stets ein Geschichtenerzähler, wie hier bei der Geschichte über schwäbischen Whiskey oder die Rothaus Schwarzwald Rallye. Entstanden ist dabei eine überaus atmosphärische Bildstrecke mit toller Landschaft, faszinierenden Oldtimern und vielen Anekdoten.“  Joachim Fischer – Retrowelt Magazin

„Les lieux, les choses, les gens sont plus beaux à travers l’oeil de Kai. Il aime ce qu’il photographie et cela se voit, cela se sent. Facile d’offrir sa confiance et de se laisser capturer par l’objectif de ce dompteur d’image. Il était là comme un sixième membre de Lazuli, fondu dans notre monde. Apparaissant, disparaissant… un magicien de la photo.“  Dominique Leonetti – Lazuli